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How To Lower Stress Levels – Today & Forever

When I was young, there was said to be an ancient Chinese curse that went, "May you live in interesting times." Leading a busy life, I didn't look deeply into what this meant, or even if it was true. What's...
Peter Griffen AirBnB

New AirBnB Logo Causes Spinoffs and Spoofs

The company and website AirBnB - a website that allows people to rent out their apartment, condo, or home to anyone who wants it, when the owner is absent or even home if they have a spare room. Their release...

Tesla Model 3 Officially Announced

Tesla Motors had an exciting announcement today, when the rapidly expanding electronic luxury sports car company confirmed it's plans to build it's newest vehicle, named the Model 3. Auto Express has reported...
Facebook Buy Button

Facebook Buy Button In A Trial Phase

Facebook, along with a handpicked group of retailers, is testing a new buy button taht lets you instantly buy a product online - without ever leaving Facebook. After buy is clicked, the entire process of sale...

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe Review: Power & Beauty

Mercedes-Benz released to the public it's high performance AMG coupe, the 2015 S65 AMG Coupe. It comes together as a beautiful blend of luxury and high performance. The car generating 621 horsepower the...
Best Soccer Tackle Ever

The Best Soccer Tackles Ever

This is the best soccer tackles video ever. I'm more impressed by the number of people that showed up to an indoor soccer game. That will be that man's legacy. He will never do anything cooler than...

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