Exclusive Drone Footage of Apple’s Spaceship Headquarters

Exclusive Drone Footage of Apple's Spaceship Headquarters » Man-Trendsvideo
Thanks to newly released drone footage, we have a glimpse of what the Apple spaceship headquarters in Cupertino, CA will look like. Steve jobs would be proud.




German Gamer Loses It After Losing In Counter-Strike

This gamer goes off on a long tirade after losing and it's even funnier because it's in German. Someone screaming in German will forever be tainted for the Western World.
Bird Swears At Humanvideo

Random Bird Lands Next To Guy, Says “F*ck You”

Watch this ballsy bird land down next to a random guy and say "F*ck you". Whoever trained him, trained him right. Where can I buy a bird like this?
Don't Drive Your Car On The Beachvideo

Furious Father Stops Car From Driving On The Beach

Watch a furious father jump into action, fueled by adrenaline, after he witnesses a car driving down the same beach that his kids are playing on.
Joe Rogan Condensed In 19 Secondsvideo

Joe Rogan’s Entire Being Condensed Into 19 Seconds

If you listen to Joe Rogan's podcast or tune in on satellite radio, you are going to get a good laugh out of him condensed down to 19 seconds.

In Case You Ever Wondered What Working At Hot Topic Is Like

Ever sat there wondering what working at a weird store like Hot Topic would be like? Just what kind of freaks would you run into on a regular basis?

Parents Panic As Little Kid Learns Filthy Words From Amazon Echo

A little kid asks his family's new Amazon Echo to play "tickle tickle" and the automated home helper starts to play sort of... rough.

15 Iceland Photos You’ll Never Believe Are From Planet Earth

You will understand from these astonishing 15 photos why this guy saved all his money for a year so he could take a vacation to see the beauty of Iceland.
Company President Surprises Everyone With A Cruise For Hard Work » Man-Trends

Company President Surprises Everyone With A Cruise For Hard Work

The president of this company took everyone on a surprise cruise after they all worked so hard for a year. He told them that he expects them all to work even harder next year!

Lobbyist Claims He’d Drink Pesticide Water, So He Gets Offered A Glass

Watch this lobbyist claim it's safe to drink pesticides filled with chemicals, and then see his reaction when the interviewer asks him to drink a glass of it.

Enraged Drunk Driver Gets Instance Justice After Confronting Dirtbikers

An angry drunk driver gets out of his car and starts a fight with a dirt biker over nothing and he gets what is coming to him... sweet justice.

Shit Civic Owners Say

Some of you may have heard the shit Civic owners say. Make sure to check out Robert Lovely's '92 Honda Civic. It's real fuckin nice. Remember, #lowlifeornolife
Crazy Girl At Disney Worldvideo

Spoiled Girl Goes Psycho At Disney World… Don’t Be Like This Girl

Watch this spoiled girl go completely berserk when she is told that there are no open tables at a restaurant in Disney World. Don't be like this girl...
Cyanide And Happiness Christmas

10 Inappropriate Hilarious Christmas Comics by Cyanide & Happiness

Having trouble finding your Holiday Spirit? Don't worry, these comics are sure not to disappoint as you will laugh at the most inappropriate of things.
Animal Shelter Celebrates Their Happiest Day Ever Because All Kennels Are Empty

Animal Shelter Celebrates Happiest Day Ever: All Kennels Are Empty

The staff at The Humane Society Of Pikes Region in Colorado had reason to celebrate after working hard to find every dog and cat a home before the holidays.

Teen Kept Terminal Cancer Secret From Friends To Not Upset Them

At age 18, Liam Wright learned he had terminal bone cancer. He hid that he was dying from his friends and even his grandparents and cousins so they wouldn't have to worry.

Compilation of News Anchors Fainting On Live News

The worst thing that could possibly happen often ends up happening at the worst time. For these unlucky folks, the pressure on being on live...

Butthurt Fox Host Lets Her Emotions Destroy Her Interview

A Fox News interviewer say she isn't bothered by atheist billboard ads, then proceeded to be clearly very bothered for another 5 minutes. This is news?

The Most Intense Drummer Ever Steals The Show

Watch as the world's most intense drummer completely steals the show on Japan's American Idol and in the process leaves us all laughing our asses off.

US Treasure Hunter Jailed Until He Tells Where He Hid 3 Tons of Gold

The famous treasure hunter Tommy Thompson found $400 million in gold coins and bars during a search expedition, find out why he's now in jail indefinitely.

Photo of Michael Schumacher Since Life-Threatening Injury Selling For $1.2 Million

The first photo of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher taken without permission after his skiing injury is for sale for over $1.28 million. Disgusting.

Crikey! A 17-Foot Python Snake Filmed Eating A Kangaroo Whole

A 17-foot python has been filmed devouring a kangaroo in astonishing footage from Queensland, Australia. The massive snake can be seen swallowing a helpless kangaroo.

Glimpse Inside $21k Per Night ‘World’s Best Hotel Suite’

Milan's Excelsior Hotel Gallia has a suite which will set you back $21,000 a night and this exclusive glimpse inside with leave you speechless.

German Minister Sparks Anger After Refusing To Wear Hijab During Saudi Arabia Visit

Germany's Defence Minister has offended a lot of people during a visit to Saudi Arabia after refusing to wear a hijab and full body covering, an abaya.

Amazon Makes First Drone Delivery 13 Minutes After Ordering

Amazon successfully delivered its first package via drone to a house in Cambridge, just 13 minutes after being ordered online.