A Glimpse At The 19 Sexiest Wives of NFL Players

Wives of NFL players are guaranteed to be sexy. Here are 19 of the sexiest wives of NFL Players...

Gisele Bundchen Sexiest NFL Wives

Wives of NFL players are guaranteed to be hot. In college the athletes get all the hot women and practically have a cult following them around.

Then they get out in the real world where they are praised like gods for playing a sport… many of them not even playing it well.

If this has you feeling down, just remember that around 60% of marriages end in divorce. Add in the multiple concussions and poor money management skills that athletes are notorious for, and the odds are actually pretty good that over half of these ladies will be single in the next decade. Then factor in the injuries they are likely to sustain and you should be golden.


1. Sasha Lee Dindayal, married to San Diego Charger Antonio Gates

San Diego Charger star Antonio Gates has a beautiful wife. Check out Sasha Lee Dindayal and don’t start drooling.