Corona Founder Made Everyone From His Home Village Millionaires

Billionaire Antionio Fernández Rodríguez who died earlier this year made all residents of his poverty-stricken village millionaires

Antonino Fernández Rodríguez
Antonino Fernández Rodríguez, founder of Corona, pictured next to the Corona beer line.

For anyone who didn’t already consider the founder of Corona to be legendary for quenching the thirst of millions while simultaneously raising their blood alcohol levels – he made everyone in the hamlet he was raised in a millionaire.

Antionio Fernández Rodríguez, the founder of a great lager (so long as it’s served with a lime) made a sizable contribution of £169 million ($210,441,335) to the 80 people residing in the Spanish hamlet of Cerezales del Condado.

On top making all 80 residents multi-millionaires, Antonino also paid for a new cultural center to be built out of his inheritance and a local non-profit foundation.

As if the founder of Corona wasn’t enough of a legend for quenching the thirst of everyone all over the world, he’s gone and made everyone in his hamlet a millionaire.

Antonino Fernández Rodríguez, giver of good lager (as long as it has a lime in it) made everyone’s wallets in the poverty stricken Spanish hamlet of Cerezales del Condado burst. As per the instructions in his will, £169 million of his fortune ($210,441,335) was equally distributed among the 80 people residing in the hamlet.

Each villager now has about £2 million ($2,630,516) thanks to the CEO of Grupo Modelo, the company which brews Corona. That is a fortune most of us can’t even fathom.

Antonino didn’t just adopt philanthropy on his deathbed, though. He was known to be a charitable gent, and for that reason along with his success despite all odds was honored by the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos.

The billionaire beer baron died earlier this year at the age of 99, and rose the small village to go from rags to riches. He never forgot his humble beginnings though.

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Join me in saying CHEERS to Antonino Fernández Rodríguez for his generosity, for inspiring generations to come by rising from rags to riches, and for making a damn good beer.

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