The video you just witnessed does have some practical purposes. It is considered the ‘paparazzi proof’ method of entry and exit from your luxury penthouse, which is what brought Lady Gaga and Kelsey Grammer to the building.

Going apartment hunting can be a pain in the ass. Even more so if there are some features that you just can’t live without that are especially hard to find.

Plenty of storage space, walk in closets, a view, air conditioning, oh and make sure it has a garage in the sky.

Where Can You Have An Elevator For Your Car?

New apartments were built at 200 11th Avenue in NYC’s cool West Chelsea gallery district in Manhattan, which feature luxury car elevators and parking spaces in the sky, which is fancy talk for that they have an elevator for your car to be parked next to your luxury penthouse.

If you can afford a $20 million apartment, you will have the ability to drive into an elevator which then whisks you up to your luxury penthouse, where your neighbors are friendly, down-to-earth, regular folks like Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Lady Gaga, Kelsey Grammer, and designer Domenico Dolce.

Robert Pattinson is likely to join the neighborhood watch committee as well, as he was spotted touring Penthouse 1, which is on the market for $19.5 million.

It is being co-brokered through Ryan Serhant of Nest Seekers International.- who appeared on ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ TV show – and Leonard Steinberg of Compass.

What they have dubbed the ‘En Suite Sky Garage’ is a parking garage which sits alongside your penthouse, just a 60-second ride from the lobby entrance for unparalleled privacy.

The three-bedroom, 3,598 sq ft duplex apartment is luxuriously decorated and includes a retractable glass ‘vault’ that covers the stairs. I always build my vaults out of good old sturdy glass, too!

Some of us men love our cars so much that we want to know they are close even when we are sleeping on the 25th floor of a building in our apartment.

An elevator for your car is smart, because otherwise I’d be trying to park mine in the regular one and someone may get crushed.

This apartment building was built for just that, with a special elevator which lifts your car and allows you to park it in the two spaces directly next to your luxury apartment.

How much do you think rent costs a month at this place? It has to be well over $25,000 a month.