SO COOL: Elon Musk’s Company SpaceX Makes History

The very first Falcon 9 first stage has successfully landed at Landing Zone 1, formally Launch Complex 13, of Cape Canaveral after launching as part of the OG-2 return to flight mission from Space Launch Complex 40 just 10 minutes before landing.

Elon Musk makes space travel history: Billionaire’s SpaceX rocket blasts into orbit, launches 11 satellites then makes an amazing landing back on Earth

t was the first time an unmanned rocket returned to land vertically at Cape Canaveral, and represented a tremendous success for SpaceX. The firm, led by billionaire Elon Musk, is striving to make rockets reusable to drive launch costs down and open up space to more people. The first stage of the rocket was used to propel the payload to 62 miles (100km) into space, before the second stage took over. The tall, white portion of the rocket then glided back to Earth, its engines burning bright orange against a black night sky, landing about six miles from the launch pad. ‘The Falcon has landed,’ a commentator said above the screams and cheers of people gathered at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. The center shot is a long exposure image that shows the take-off and landing.