Prepare To Laugh At These 21 Epic Tattoo Fails

Just to clear the record with everyone out there, tattoos are permanent. They stay on your body, may cause others to judge you, and might even prevent you from getting a job. Do you really think that you should rush into getting one? I don’t care if you lost a bet and “have” to do it, think about how this will affect you for the rest of your life.

Some tattoos aren’t half bad though. If you’re going to get one, you should make sure that it doesn’t have any spelling mistakes, isn’t offensive, or just straight awful, amirite? For those of you deliberating whether or not to get a tattoo, here are 21 of them that you may want to think about. Can’t decide on one? Then turn your existence into living art and get all 21. You can be in an art exhibit then!

2. Maybe this guy once dated a woman named Abby who was the love of his life and he called her “Abby Girl”…

and they had an amazing life and had a kid together and then Abby Girl got eaten by a shark and left tattoo guy all alone in this world except for his new baby and old tattoo and in honor of both Abby and his daughter he added the “B.” Or he can’t spell.