Since the 1950's, the infamous Overtoun Bridge in Scotland has had over 50 dogs jump to their deaths for no apparent reason. So I brought my two dogs to see if they were depressed.
A male high school student testified against his two high school teachers who allegedly had a threesome with him...
While loading a beautiful classic Mustang onto a truck trailer, the worst thing possible happens. This video will make your heart ache just watching it.
This hilarious video shows Conan O'Brien at YouTube's Virtual Reality lab testing out their latest VR technology. Conan should be the guy hired to test EVERYTHING.
After a Spanish Teenager had his phone confiscated by his mother, he resorted to suing her in court. Being grounded sucks, but is it worth going to court?
Watch this adorable toddler sit in anticipation of the beat drop, then showcase some of the sassiest and smoothest dance moves we've seen from a car seat.
In a case of accidental comedy, a television episode was filmed featuring three men with Tourettes Syndrome who go on a road trip together.
An ode to loving your best friend's lonely mom on Mother's Day, and Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake created "Motherlover" for all the moms out there.
See how someone manages to get banned from Disney's Club Penguin in record time: under two minutes. This is trolling to a new level.
During a live news broadcast at a Mexican broadcast station, the cameraman accidentally exposed the fact that the newscaster wasn't wearing any panties.
A judge is considering the request to show his penis by Richard Patterson who claims the woman he's accused of killing choked during oral sex.
A 22-year-old construction worker nearly blew off his own manhood with a nail gun. Luckily, the nail lodged in his pelvis, just missing a main artery.