One of the hardest things to learn is how to get back on your feet when you’ve been knocked on your ass. Unlearning helplessness seems impossible, especially when it happens over and over again.
This is not a story for haters. It’s not a call to arms, or a cue to be an a$$hole. I am advocating on behalf of Mr. No, but I’m in no way suggesting you should deny yourself amazing life experiences. This...
The human mind is truly incredible, and we should all strive towards creating a tenacious memory we can rely on. Many lucrative professions or hobbies require such a trait—actors, musicians, artists and entertainers in general do countless drills, just...
School teaches us the fundamentals and gives our parents some peace and quiet. But there are 15 things not taught in school that determine success.
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It’s a well-known fact that most men don’t need more reasons to have sex, but how many guys actually stop to think about the fact that sex could play a key role in their overall health and well-being? Regular...
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Donald Trump has continued to dominate and steamroll through the debates, dodging hard questions and being the focus of many of the attacks.
Even with its viking history, Norway seems like a peaceful place. it turns out their culture is so peaceful that police haven't killed anyone in a decade.
Based on numerous studies, Millennials are the least sexually active in generations, and their views on sex contradict what the media presents. Mind Blown.
Perhaps you've been in this awkward, stressful, and at times infuriating situation. As you sit on a call with your client, waiting for them to join the conference as well, you focus on your ways to solve their problems....
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