Man Accidentally Shoots Nail Into Pelvic Area, Not Fazed At All

A 22-year-old construction worker nearly blew off his own manhood with a nail gun. Luckily, the nail lodged in his pelvis, just missing a main artery.

Man Accidentally Shoots Nail Into Pelvic Area, Not Fazed At All » Man-Trends

When you work in construction there is a lot of safety rules and equipment around to do everything to prevent injuries on the work site.

One man might want to consider getting a steel cup to wear after he nearly shot his own penis off with a nail gun while working near Swansea, Wales.

The 22-year-old construction worker mistakenly pulled the trigger on a hydraulic hand nail gun at the wrong time, resulting in a nail to become lodged into his pelvic area.

As you can see in the pictures below, the nail missed his manhood by just inches.

Credit: Caters

The Daily Star interviewed his co-worker, Mathew Meagher, who explained:

For want of a better phrase, the nail was pretty much through his dick.
He came over to me and said he’d shot himself. Then I saw it. I just went white. I said to him, ‘Jesus, what’s that?’ I couldn’t believe it.
He wasn’t crying or screaming in pain or anything, he was just dead calm. It hadn’t fazed him at all.

Credit: Caters

The unlucky bastard was taken to a hospital in Swansea where the doctors explained how lucky he was too have just missed one of his main arteries.

Mathew added: “It makes your eyes water. Even looking back I’m flinching. I’m very relieved it wasn’t me. I had a couple of dates coming up that weekend.”

The 22-year-old construction worker has since made a full recovery.