Man Goes On Night Out So Wild That It Sparks Terror Attack Alerts

Joakim Robin Berggren, the man who sparked a terror alert in Barcelona recently, was apparently in the aftermath of a 24-hour sesh, during which he spent £16,000 on drinks, drugs and prostitutes.

Man Goes On Night Out So Wild That It Sparks Terror Attack Alerts » Man-Trends

Most of us have at least a few good stories of drunken debauchery from various nights out and binges over the years, but nothing as close as this.

Joakim Robin Berggren, a 32-year-old Swedish man, sparked a terror alert in Barcelona recently after going on a 24-hour-long binge – racking up $20,000 in drinks, drugs, and prostitutes with his friend.

Credit: Twitter

Berggren’s wild bender was brought to an end after he led police on a two mile long chase in a stolen truck full of gas containers, as reported by the Daily Mail.

After a wild night out, most of us spend the next day licking our wounds, drinking Gatorade, and doing whatever we can to evade our hangovers. On days like this, most people turn to Netflix – but not this guy.

Berggren was able to easily steal the truck, since the door was open and the keys were still in the ignition, and had previously tried to get his hands on anything with wheels… including a motorcycle as Interior Minister Jordi Jane said:

“He tried but failed to get his hands on a motorbike, and finally the truck with the gas bottles on it which he could easily take because the keys were in the ignition and the door was open.”

The truck had been shot several times by the police, according to reports, which lead to him finally being stopped and arrested.

This wasn’t the first time that this man has had a run-in with the law, either. According to reports from La Vanguardia, he has previously been arrested for drugs and drunk driving.

His friend who is believed to have been by his side the entire night has already fled Spain after the incident… most likely to avoid arrest.

The two friends landed in Barcelona from Russia on Monday, with Berggren’s drug and alcohol fueled madness ending at around 10:30AM on Tuesday. They originally planned to travel to Spain’s capital, Madrid, but that plan has obviously been put on hold for now.

“His stay in Barcelona opened up new possibilities of nightlife, of enjoying a different day and he decided to stay and spend the night in Barcelona,” Interior Minister Jordi Jane said. “We are dealing with an individual whose state of mind was affected by his night out and wanted to drive any vehicle he could find at the time.

Berggren is currently being held in the psychiatric unit at Barcelona’s Hospital del Mar.