Mike Wolfe, resident of Nampa, Idaho has turned his hairy back into an art canvas which has helped him overcome confidence issues. He is also using his hairyness to raise money for charity through the sales of calendars.
The Obama Administration has moved the fourth of July to June 4th in one country as to not offend their Muslim citizens. Obama submits to muslims again...
Learn whether or not Donald Trump has dementia, based on a breakdown of his behavior, hereditary traits, and all the garbage he has said to the public through Twitter and his own vocal chords.
This makes me wonder just what Cooley would be carrying as a weapon when he drives through the hardened streets of Atlanta, with it's poverty and violence and low cost hookers. James Cooley, the man from Atlanta, Georgia who thought...
This video has been designed to create a strong natural hallucination. Stop watching if you feel ill. We both had roughly a one minute visual hallucination.
A bride was sued for fraud after her husband witnessed her in the morning after the marriage without any makeup on. He is claiming $20,000 in legal damages!
An excited boy teared open his gifts on Christmas morning to find a Playstation 4, which to his surprise contained a block of wood with a phallus symbol drawn on it.
The parents of 13-year old Caitlin Teagart have decided to end her life, saying she can now do nothing but lay on the couch and whine about things being "gay."
James Holmes, who was convicted of 24 counts of murder in the first degree related to the 2012 shooting at a Colorado theater will face the death penalty.
One niche business is making over $118,000 per year just driving people who are scared to drive across a 4 mile stretch of bridge in Maryland, charging riders $25 per trip.
How every internet argument ends: "Your argument is invalid, find a job" 
Inspired by the Back To The Future movies, a Florida man tried to time travel in his Dodge Challenger. ABC 3 reports that the only traveling his Dodge Challenger did was through a few offices, forcing three businesses to move locations after the heroic attempt at time travel.