A 22-year-old construction worker nearly blew off his own manhood with a nail gun. Luckily, the nail lodged in his pelvis, just missing a main artery.
It looks like Jared Fogle started out his career the same way he finished it - trying to get into smaller sized pants. The former spokesman for Subway, Jared Fogle, was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in prison...
A 17-year-old boy who was presumed to be dead in India woke up on route to his own funeral after contracting an infection from a dog bite.
By now, we’ve pretty much all dismissed the idea of Jesus as a white guy, sometimes depicted with blue eyes. However, retired British forensic artist Richard Neave decided to give the world a more concrete image of what the...
A male high school student testified against his two high school teachers who allegedly had a threesome with him...
A dashcam caught the moment a plane plunged into an Australian shopping centre, killing all of its five passengers.
A bride was sued for fraud after her husband witnessed her in the morning after the marriage without any makeup on. He is claiming $20,000 in legal damages!
Remember the man who bought his dog eight iPhones? Well, despite the fact he clearly fucking LOVES wasting cash he's told his dad that he won't be taking over his $125 billion business empire. Wang Sicong, 28, has told his...
We may be screwed. Under the west of the US, there is a lake of molten carbon that covers an area of 1.8 million sq kilometres - which is as big as Mexico.
Donald Trump has continued to dominate and steamroll through the debates, dodging hard questions and being the focus of many of the attacks.
The Tesla Model S P85D insane mode feature will allow the vehicle to be faster, travel farther, and compete with vehicles four times as expensive, like Lamborghini's.
Uber announced on June 19th that they have banned both drivers and law-abiding passengers with concealed permits from carrying their weapons with them for self-defense while in Uber vehicles. The announcement has been released just three months after an Uber driver...