A man in South Carolina was arrested on Thursday morning, after attempting to Hulk out in a Wells Fargo bank. Was it drugs or just a bad temper? We will never know...
A 22-year-old construction worker nearly blew off his own manhood with a nail gun. Luckily, the nail lodged in his pelvis, just missing a main artery.
Things aren't going well in the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. After Kim was robbed at gunpoint last month, Kanye suffered a mental breakdown.
The world’s oldest national park changed the way people think about nature. That didn't stop some asshole from shooting a rare white wolf though.
The staff at The Humane Society Of Pikes Region in Colorado had reason to celebrate after working hard to find every dog and cat a home before the holidays.
Donald Trump’s campaign announced last week that at least 100 black ministers and religious leaders would endorse him today for president. But last night, he abruptly cancelled that press conference, the Associated Press reports. The sudden cancellation comes after several...
A dashcam caught the moment a plane plunged into an Australian shopping centre, killing all of its five passengers.
A male high school student testified against his two high school teachers who allegedly had a threesome with him...
For the first time, extraordinary aerial footage of one of the world's last uncontacted tribes has been released. Survival's new film, narrated by Gillian Anderson, has launched our campaign to help protect the earth's most vulnerable peoples.
How would you go about stealing 16 cases of Bud Light from Walmart in broad daylight? Factor in committing the robbery by walking out of the front door...
The first photo of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher taken without permission after his skiing injury is for sale for over $1.28 million. Disgusting.
Based on numerous psychological studies, doctors believe that depression may serve a greater purpose. Bringing a new way to understand and treat depression.