We may be screwed. Under the west of the US, there is a lake of molten carbon that covers an area of 1.8 million sq kilometres - which is as big as Mexico.
Based on numerous psychological studies, doctors believe that depression may serve a greater purpose. Bringing a new way to understand and treat depression.
Around 794lb (360kg) of cocaine with a potential street value of over $62.25 million has washed up on two beaches in Norfolk. They are asking the public to come forward with any extra packages.
Bernie Sanders CNN interview was cut short when he called CNN "Fake News". Strange. Coincidence or is CNN sensitive about their Fake News label?
Users of xHamster in Utah are redirected to an educational porn video series after legislators ended their sexual education, opting for abstinence-only.
The rapper Drake reportedly offered to talk down a man from a bridge after his sell-out gig in Manchester but his offer was 'declined with thanks'.
I can only imagine how harrowing it is to fear that somebody you feel close to might be lost at sea. The thought that you might never see them again.
A volcano in Hawai’i was home to a dramatic feature last month: a ‘firehose’ of molten lava that streamed from a hole in a sea cliff into the Pacific Ocean.
How would you go about stealing 16 cases of Bud Light from Walmart in broad daylight? Factor in committing the robbery by walking out of the front door...
Donald Trump has appeared in another press video showing off his latest executive order, and the Internet responded perfectly.
As usual, the media is doing everything they can to divide this nation. Outlets like CNN, MSNBC, & the rest of the drive by liberal media are stirring the pot of hysteria, and the sheep are eating it up...
A radio host thought waterboarding was not a form of torture, then he agreed to be waterboarded and see if that changes his perspective. He really put his money where his mouth is...