You were mistaken if you thought that your first Tesla would be the last car you'd ever need to buy. Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to answer a question which many are wondering, how can someone who...
Thanks to newly released drone footage, we have a glimpse of what the Apple spaceship headquarters in Cupertino, CA will look like. Steve jobs would be proud.
Watch this lobbyist claim it's safe to drink pesticides filled with chemicals, and then see his reaction when the interviewer asks him to drink a glass of it.
The staff at The Humane Society Of Pikes Region in Colorado had reason to celebrate after working hard to find every dog and cat a home before the holidays.
At age 18, Liam Wright learned he had terminal bone cancer. He hid that he was dying from his friends and even his grandparents and cousins so they wouldn't have to worry.
The famous treasure hunter Tommy Thompson found $400 million in gold coins and bars during a search expedition, find out why he's now in jail indefinitely.
The first photo of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher taken without permission after his skiing injury is for sale for over $1.28 million. Disgusting.
Germany's Defence Minister has offended a lot of people during a visit to Saudi Arabia after refusing to wear a hijab and full body covering, an abaya.
Amazon successfully delivered its first package via drone to a house in Cambridge, just 13 minutes after being ordered online.
Remember the man who bought his dog eight iPhones? Well, despite the fact he clearly fucking LOVES wasting cash he's told his dad that he won't be taking over his $125 billion business empire. Wang Sicong, 28, has told his...
An amazing story! A guide dog's 60-year-old blind owner was saved after the dog pulled her from the burning building after calling 911.
It's the third time the pet has saved the day after calling 911 and pulling owner from a burning building. Man's best friend? I think so.