When Microsoft released their chatbot named Fay, those of you who have been on the internet for more than a few years probably knew just what to expect. It was only a matter of time until the online bot you could talk to and which would learn the proper responses through artificial intelligence, would be spouting racist, offensive rants on Twitter and in chats.

It didn’t take long for the same sort of thing to happen with Amazon’s Echo, which speaks in the voice of “Alexa”, and which you can request a number of things to like playing music, ordering products online, and even adjusting the thermostat in your home.

This little boy was talking to the Amazon Echo, which clearly doesn’t know how to understand the lisp of a young child, when Amazon’s Alexa thought he was asking to hear an adult soundbite from a XXX film.

His parents sprang into action to keep their Childs innocence intact and the video managed to keep on recording the hilarious family moment.