Spoiled Girl Goes Psycho At Disney World… Don’t Be Like This Girl

After this spoiled girl can't get a table at a restaurant while visiting Disney World, she completely loses her mind on the staff.

Most people go to Disney World to have a good time with their families and have nothing but smiles on their face. This girl is one of the few exceptions, as you can see.

After learning that the restaurant she wants to eat at has no reservations or tables open, she loses her mind! She demands that there be a table open for her to stuff her face and then starts making accusations which the video proves are completely false.

She accuses the man of sexual harassment for “putting a finger in her face” and completely loses it on the professional staff.

The staff just take her abuse like professionals. What a spoiled teenage brat. If you are that girl and you’re reading this, don’t be crazy. Everyone is ready to start filming at moments notice these days.

This spoiled girl goes psycho at Disney World…

Don’t be like her this holiday season.

Appreciate your gifts, appreciate Christmas, appreciate seeing your family.

Don’t be this girl.