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Right when you thought PornHub was only about giving people a certain type of feeling, they released their Christmas advertising campaign. It shot an arrow through the hearts of each and every viewer, who realized in this time of...
Can you imagine being the neighbors across the street to this home? This amazing Christmas themed light show packs all the Christmas cheer you could ever possibly need into one video. The only thing higher than their power bills will be...
After discovering a small defect that most car companies would ignore, Tesla recalls every Model S built to inspect the front seat belt assemblies. It goes to show how Tesla takes the quality of their vehicles to an all new level.
After ‘declaring war’ on ISIS this weekend, the amorphous hacking collective reports that over 5,500 ISIS-affiliated accounts on Twitter have been exposed and taken down. Since the weekend, Anonymous have been tracking down the Twitter accounts of ISIS supporters, compiling them in online...
You are looking at the next generation of the US Navy's battle fleet. A destroyer the 600-foot Zumwalt, an Aztec pyramid welded atop a machete blade.
Maybe you hang your keys from your belt on a carabiner or a length of paracord. It gives you easy access to them, sure, and it keeps them out of your pocket where they might gouge your beloved smartphone....
If you are entering the business world, or specifically a startup environment, make sure you don't fall into any of these embarrassing situations.
The Tesla Model S P85D insane mode feature will allow the vehicle to be faster, travel farther, and compete with vehicles four times as expensive, like Lamborghini's.
This drives me absolutely mad. I pay to see a concert and a million people are sticking their phones up, recording something they will never watch.
You must watch this 2-year-old playing Guitar Hero stumble across Bulls On Parade by Rage Against The Machine. For the first time in his life, he rocks out.
Elon Musk is meeting with the U.S. government for approval to start testing a project which would theoretically broadcast the Internet from 4,000 satellites
Many people look at Star Trek and think of nerdy fan-fiction and sci-fi conventions, so it's easy to ignore the impact that the original Star Trek series had on modern culture.  But Star Trek has proved itself  a visionary time and again....