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A very powerful, motivational speech by Elon Musk that will light a fire under your ass and motivate you to achieve your dreams.
A motorcyclist can't get out of the way of an oncoming truck fast enough. Had this motorcyclist known how to countersteer, he may have been able to avoid an accident.
In a case of accidental comedy, a television episode was filmed featuring three men with Tourettes Syndrome who go on a road trip together.
For the 55th anniversary of the Chicago River being dyed green for St. Patrick's Day, an amazing video timelapse was filmed for your viewing pleasure.
Watch an 81-year-old man come into a guitar shop and leave the staff in complete astonishment after he picks up the guitar and plucks out an awesome solo.
There isn't a whole lot we could say to prepare you for the incredible nature of these "grandmas" ripping their first bongs, playing Jenga, toking from a vaporizer, doing trivia and more debauchery. Long story short, these old broads...
With marijuana reform sweeping the nation, a types of people are coming around on pot—maybe even your parents! Our friends at have done what was once unthinkable: brought together parents and their kids to smoke weed for the first time with each...
After setting up his girlfriend to see if she will cheat on him, this guy gets as humiliated as it gets and it will live on forever thanks to "To Catch A Cheater".
A lonely violin starts serenading two women in a food court, a man walks up with a bouquet of flowers and a ring box. What happens next is painful to watch.
A dashcam caught the moment a plane plunged into an Australian shopping centre, killing all of its five passengers.
See how someone manages to get banned from Disney's Club Penguin in record time: under two minutes. This is trolling to a new level.
In this video, a brave truck driver stops his work to defend a young man who is being robbed and assaulted at a bus stop.