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After accusing her boyfriend of choking her and trying to throw her off a balcony, this video was used to show this wasn't the first time she lied.
A man walked into a store with a female employee tending the register, when he makes his way to get a drink but right when he was about to pay he pulls a machete on her in an attempt to rob the store. Little did he know the Female store clerk wasn't ready to give up the goods and had something there he wasn't expecting.
Ever wanted to run your own personal Marijuana growing operation?  Now you can! Well...not legally.  At least not yet.  But you can do it via the massively popular mobile phone game "Weed Firm".  Here's a video explaining how it works: Looks...
A dashcam caught the moment a plane plunged into an Australian shopping centre, killing all of its five passengers.
Bernie Sanders CNN interview was cut short when he called CNN "Fake News". Strange. Coincidence or is CNN sensitive about their Fake News label?
So much for a quiet Sunday night. Learn how a meth user fights off 15 police officers ... while jerking it. A man who was allegedly high on meth reportedly fought off more than a dozen police officers while publicly masturbating. Andrew...
Bill Murray is at it again. Last week, we found Bill hitting up the golf course sporting some pretty fantastic Pabst Blue Ribbon pants and a Caddyshack t-shirt. This week, Bill invaded the Late Show with David Letterman with an...
Watch as the world's most intense drummer completely steals the show on Japan's American Idol and in the process leaves us all laughing our asses off.
College students at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, were caught on camera signing their names to a document that said the First Amendment of the US Constitution ought to be repealed.
Remember Jason Biggs, star of American Pie? That movie you had to sneak into or, even worse, watch with your parents?  Well he's doing well with a career revival thanks to his hit Netflix show "Orange is the New Black",...
Find out how physics wins four times in a row when a guy tries to crack an 80ft bullwhip in his backyard... with painful results.
Rarely, except for watching the show Suits, have I ever seen a lawyer do something that makes me say "Damn, I want to be a lawyer".  The utter ownage in this letter is one of those rare moments. For those...