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Winter weather conditions cause this SUV, which appears to be a Chevy Trailblazer, to lose control on the icy roads and slam into oncoming traffic.
If I were to discover I was going to be the first billionaire in hip hop—or just a billionaire period--there are a lot of ways I would like to celebrate. I mean hell...I'd be a billionaire. Well, Dr. Dre went...
Watch: After scientists put a mirror in the jungle placed in the middle of the jungle, they capture some of the funniest footage that you must see.
A little kid asks his family's new Amazon Echo to play "tickle tickle" and the automated home helper starts to play sort of... rough.
Our brave men and women of the military are often praised for their service and celebrated during their homecoming, but civilians can be quick to forget exactly how much these heroes sacrifice while they’re away.
In tribute to his passing, we are remembering by laughing like he'd want us all to be. Watch: Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction un-cut, full show!
Watch this giant English Mastiff move at the speed of "I don't give a sh*t" through all the hurdles and dumb crap setup during a highly competitive dog agility contest.
Perhaps you are having a tough weekend or maybe have a very busy week ahead of you. If you stayed in for the weekend and are submerged in depression. Relax, because at least you weren't the one trying to squat 855...
Everyone knows that President Barack Obama is not and never was a member of the popular ’90s nu metal band Korn. What this video from Hudson Hongo presupposes is: Maybe he was. Unfortunately, there’s no weirdo beatboxing part. As terrifying as...
Thanks to newly released drone footage, we have a glimpse of what the Apple spaceship headquarters in Cupertino, CA will look like. Steve jobs would be proud.
There is nothing like a good scolding from an elderly British woman. This YouTube prankster got it good for his fake suicide prank off a bridge.
Watch as the world's most intense drummer completely steals the show on Japan's American Idol and in the process leaves us all laughing our asses off.