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Find out how physics wins four times in a row when a guy tries to crack an 80ft bullwhip in his backyard... with painful results.
You will be glad dogs can't be put on the witness stand after watching this. Research found that dogs and monkeys judge humans by how we treat others.
While loading a beautiful classic Mustang onto a truck trailer, the worst thing possible happens. This video will make your heart ache just watching it.
During a live news broadcast at a Mexican broadcast station, the cameraman accidentally exposed the fact that the newscaster wasn't wearing any panties.
An aggressive bully begins harassing a street vendor and ends up getting completely laid out flat on the ground. Justice is served!
In just 15 minutes and with his back turned, Gordon Ramsay challenges an amateur to keep up with him as he makes crab cakes.
After accusing her boyfriend of choking her and trying to throw her off a balcony, this video was used to show this wasn't the first time she lied.
A soccer player deliberately injures opponent whilst smirking and laughing, gets what he deserves. Revenge is a dish best served... hard?
This GTA V kills video shows just how many people you can kill with a headshot in the game. The results are in, and they are pretty gruesome.
Bernie Sanders CNN interview was cut short when he called CNN "Fake News". Strange. Coincidence or is CNN sensitive about their Fake News label?
We all know the classic GTA problem, you murder some poor innocent bystander in the middle of the desert and suddenly, police everywhere.
After entering a closed store, refusing to leave the police were called. You have got to see the badass martial arts hold they used to arrest him.