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Rank which Super Bowl beer ad you think reigns supreme? Did these commercials fumble, or did they go all the way? See what others think!
You will either laugh hard or be stunned by this video of an obese woman being towed behind a truck with a tow rope in Kansas City because she's "too big".
You must see this heated conversation between a husky puppy and artist Aaron Dissell. Just wait to see what this puppy does at the end!
See why a crazed man immediately regrets spitting on a bus driver after the driver takes action after the assault.
A truck driver, a Huo Master (a type of Kung Fu), took to vigilante justice after seeing his phone get stolen by a man who took off on a scooter.
A volcano in Hawai’i was home to a dramatic feature last month: a ‘firehose’ of molten lava that streamed from a hole in a sea cliff into the Pacific Ocean.
A rich man with road rage unknowingly assaults a US Marine Vietnam Veteran and gets the surprise ass-kicking of a lifetime. He won't try that again.
Watch the most patriotic chicken ever plays 'America The Beautiful' on the keyboard. There is definitely no lack of talent...
How would you go about stealing 16 cases of Bud Light from Walmart in broad daylight? Factor in committing the robbery by walking out of the front door...
A radio host thought waterboarding was not a form of torture, then he agreed to be waterboarded and see if that changes his perspective. He really put his money where his mouth is...
Thanks to newly released drone footage, we have a glimpse of what the Apple spaceship headquarters in Cupertino, CA will look like. Steve jobs would be proud.
This gamer goes off on a long tirade after losing and it's even funnier because it's in German. Someone screaming in German will forever be tainted for the Western World.